How Can IVF Help?

Millions of women have trouble getting or staying pregnant. While we understand how difficult and stressful this can be, our team also provides hope to men and women looking to start a family. Dr. Brandeis and his team offer a variety of infertility treatment options including in vitro fertilization. Of course, we understand that in vitro fertilization may not be right for every woman. Here’s what you should know before considering IVF,

What is IVF?

IVF is one of the most common fertility treatments and it combines medications with surgery in order to fertilize the egg and implant it in the uterus. A woman who undergoes IVF will need to take medication for about one week to 14 days, which will help bring multiple eggs to maturity.

Once the eggs are mature, Dr. Brandeis will perform a minor surgical procedure to retrieve the eggs, which will then be combined with the sperm to fertilize the eggs. Once fertilization is complete, we will then implant one or more of these fertilized eggs into the uterus. One IVF cycle usually takes about three weeks. While the success rate for IVF is high it will depend on several factors including the age of the woman.

We know that it’s natural to have questions about IVF or any fertility treatment options. It’s important to talk with our team to address any questions or concerns you might have about IVF, as well as side effects. We also know that IVF poses challenges for couples, and we are here to provide you with the support you need along the way.

Why Us?

Dr. Vincent Brandeis established the first IVF program in New York and New Jersey and specializes in all aspects of IVF from lab procedures to monitoring. We are also available seven days a week with flexible scheduling, which allows our patients to schedule appointments in the evening or early morning (and also the same day). We also pride ourselves on making fertility treatment affordable for women and couples in New York who are looking to get pregnant by offering two-year payment plans.

Brandeis Fertility Center of New York has been specializing in IVF treatment since 1985. If you are interested in finding out if IVF is right for you, call our Sunnyside, NY, practice at (718) 433-3833.


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