Fertility Specialist

What is a Fertility Specialist?

It’s important to understand how a fertility specialist can help you and when you could benefit from turning to one. Most people think of in vitro fertilization when they think about seeing a fertility specialist, but Dr. Brandeis offers a wide range of other options to help to make getting pregnant more of a success.

Everything from advanced maternal age to smoking can make it more difficult to get or stay pregnant. Unfortunately, many couples who are having trouble do not seek out the proper care they need; however, by coming into our clinic for a consultation as soon as you start to notice issues, we can avoid more costly and invasive procedures and increase your odds of getting pregnant.

When to See a Fertility Specialist?

Couples in their 20s should visit a qualified fertility specialist if they’ve been having unprotected sex for a full year and still haven’t gotten pregnant. If a woman is over 35 years old, you should come into our office if you’ve been trying to conceive for six months without success.

It’s important to recognize that infertility can happen to anyone, even those in their 20s. It’s important to recognize when to see medical help, as certain medical conditions could be the cause. By treating these conditions now, we can make it easier for you to get pregnant.

You may also want to consider visiting us for an evaluation if,

You have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis or menstruation problems
You’ve had two consecutive miscarriages
You or your partner has been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection
You have a family history of early menopause

Dr. Brandeis will determine which fertility tests to run based on your medical history. From there, we can determine if there are certain medical conditions that could be playing a role in your infertility. For example, PCOS is a common cause of infertility in women; however, it can easily be managed with medication to help make getting pregnant more successful.

We offer a full range of fertility services and treatments, from treating underlying conditions to daily IVF monitoring and same-day results for blood draws. Dr. Brandeis has been helping women and couples get pregnant since 1985.

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, a fertility specialist may be able to help. Call Brandeis Fertility Center of New York at (718) 433-3833 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Brandeis.

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