CNY Patients

Helpful Considerations for Our CNY Patients

Retrievals are done early in the morning between 7 a.m. and as late as noon. You have the option of going to Albany or Syracuse very early in the morning, which means you might have to leave as early as 4:00 AM and have a possible traffic delay. 

We recommend, if possible, to go there the evening before especially if you're going to use the train or bus. You will be fasting the night before your retrieval and that way you could stay in a hotel nearby for under $100 and be refreshed and relaxed in the morning.  CNY can provide you with a list of nearby accommodations.

 Because these medications are very expensive, we advise all patients to apply to Compassionate Care to see if they are eligible for a discount. The pharmacies that we work with most are Kings Pharmacy in New York and Brooklyn because they participate with Compassionate Care. If you're not using Compassionate Care Kraupners Pharmacy in Ridgewood is an excellent resource with great prices.

Remember that it is not necessary to buy all your medicine at once. These medications are available at multiple pharmacies 7 days a week. When your medication list is called into a pharmacy you can buy two or three days at a time, because in some cases you will not use all of it. When you have your blood drawn at a laboratory, please be sure it is drawn immediately and try to get a reference number or a tracking number so you can know with certainty that the blood sample has been delivered to the laboratory building and when exactly results will be ready.

Patient Forms

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