Why see Brandeis Fertility Centers of New York for your monitoring ?

Dr. Vincent Brandeis has been specializing in IVF since 1995 and helped establish the first IVF program in New York and New Jersey.  He is familiar with all aspects of in vitro fertilization monitoring and laboratory procedures.  

Brandeis Fertility Centers of New York is proud to be an affiliate of CNY Fertillity.  Since 2011, Dr. Brandeis and his office have worked closely with CNY Fertility team and is familiar with their protocols. 

Our office offers the following services:  

  • Same fee schedule as CNY for monitoring
  • Open 7 days a week with same day,  early morning and/or evening appointments
  • On-site ultrasound for follicle and ultrasound studies
  • On-site blood drawing , same day results
  • Daily monitoring for IVF
  • Baseline studies - day 3 Antral follicle count
  • Post transfer monitoring
  • Early pregnancy monitoring to 12 weeks
  • Priority Assistance in referrals for Hysterosalpingogram, Sonohysterogram , MRI
  • Sperm analysis referrals
  • Assistance in reaching out to CNY for next steps
  • Our team is fluent in Spanish

Dr. Brandeis is available to answer your questions and concerns 7 days a week.

By phone or text: (718) 433-3833

By email: [email protected]


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